Caitibugzz Responds to GeorgeNotFound's Denial of Assault Allegations

Caitibugzz Responds to GeorgeNotFound's Denial of Assault Allegations

Streamer Caitibugzz has issued a response following GeorgeNotFound’s rebuttal to her accusations of sexual misconduct.

Recently, on March 9, Caitibugzz came forward alleging that she had been a victim of sexual assault by a “well-known content creator” during the summer of 2023. Following her allegations, internet detectives quickly pointed fingers at ‘GeorgeNotFound‘ based on various connections.

GeorgeNotFound has since addressed the accusations, both through X (formerly Twitter) and a detailed video posted on March 11. He vehemently denied Caitibugzz’s claims, asserting that any interactions between them were consensual and stating he was unaware of her age at the time. Additionally, Minecraft star Dream has come forward in support of George's version of events.

Now, Caitibugzz has responded, releasing a statement on X in direct response to George’s video, presenting several screenshots as "evidence" of the alleged assault.

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Caitibugzz began her statement by expressing disbelief that the credibility of her accusations was being questioned, particularly since George had admitted to “touching” her while she was intoxicated without obtaining verbal consent.

She proceeded to address specific points raised in both George and Dream’s responses, refuting claims that she had the option to leave the situation or that her staying implied consent. Caitibugzz emphasized that none of these factors constituted “an invitation to engage in sexual activity, nor did she desire it. Furthermore, she argued that George could have clarified her consent by simply asking.

She elaborated that her initial reaction during and after the incident was largely driven by feelings of shame, a common response among survivors of sexual assault. “I felt uncomfortable with what transpired, but attempted to suppress those feelings to avoid acknowledging or accepting the reality of the situation,” she explained.

Caitibugzz also contested George’s assertion that he believed she was 21 based on a wristband she was purportedly wearing, providing evidence in the form of direct messages showing that the ‘over 21’ wristband belonged to another attendee at the same event.

She remarked, “Even if he assumed we were all 21 because ONE of us was, all these assumptions could have been clarified with a simple question.”

Furthermore, Caitibugzz shared additional messages demonstrating that multiple individuals had reached out to her after the alleged incident, expressing concern about her well-being and describing George as “touchy” during their interactions.

“Naturally, I downplayed the situation in my responses at the time. I felt embarrassed and wanted to appear unfazed because I lacked prior experience in such matters,” Caitibugzz disclosed. “However, it’s crucial to note that their immediate reaction upon observing the situation prompted them to contact me the following day out of concern.”

“It’s easy to speculate on what I should have done when observing from an external standpoint, detached from the reality of the moment. Likewise, it’s simpler to envision how I could have extricated myself from the situation now that I’m no longer entangled in it,” Caitibugzz remarked, expressing hope that her statement would shed light on the plight of those who are coerced into silence.

“Anyone who has come forward with similar experiences knows all too well the barrage of hate and vilification that follows, often becoming synonymous with your identity. It’s the price you pay for speaking out,” she continued, announcing her intention to take a week-long hiatus before delivering a final statement on the matter during a subsequent livestream.