xQc Reveals Being Assaulted While Drunk Amid GeorgeNotFound Controversy

xQc Reveals Being Assaulted While Drunk Amid GeorgeNotFound Controversy

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, a prominent figure in the streaming community with a massive following, recently disclosed a distressing incident from his past.

During a broadcast on March 12, xQc addressed the current controversy surrounding popular Minecraft personality GeorgeNotFound, who issued an apology after facing accusations of sexual assault.

Reflecting on George's situation, xQc revealed his own experience of being sexually assaulted while intoxicated. However, unlike the public outcry surrounding George's case, xQc lamented the lack of attention and empathy he received.

xQc Opens Up About Being Assaulted While Intoxicated

Recalling the incident, xQc expressed his frustration at the dismissive response he encountered when he tried to raise awareness about being touched without consent while inebriated.

“I’m confused about this,” he shared. “Guys, I have been touched before when I didn’t want to, when I was drunk, and dude, nobody gives a f*ck. I got made fun of for it. Nobody gives a f*ck.”

He further expressed his dismay at the societal attitudes surrounding such incidents, emphasizing the difficulty of initiating discussions on the topic without facing ridicule.

Comments from viewers echoed xQc's sentiments, with many expressing sympathy and acknowledging the unfair treatment faced by men in similar situations.

“It’s just unfair for us,” one commenter remarked. “We can’t talk. If we do, we are a joke.”

The allegations against GeorgeNotFound have sparked intense debate on social media, with opinions divided between supporting the accuser and defending the accused.

xQc's remarks on the matter join a chorus of responses from other content creators, including streamer Dream, who also shared his perspective on the controversy in a lengthy Reddit post.