Twitch Streamer Confronted in Laos Restaurant: Man Demands Payment for Being Filmed

Twitch Streamer Confronted in Laos Restaurant: Man Demands Payment for Being Filmed

Streamer 'justketh' from Thailand encountered a situation while on vacation in Laos, where a man in a restaurant demanded compensation for being inadvertently filmed, citing laws in Germany.

Live streaming on platforms like Twitch, where creators showcase their travels, has gained immense popularity. However, clashes often arise when individuals object to being filmed without consent.

Throughout the years, numerous confrontations have erupted between streamers and individuals uncomfortable with being on camera. Some have even resorted to attempting to damage equipment to halt the filming.

On March 14, justketh found herself in a similar predicament, albeit with a unique twist: the man who objected to being filmed demanded payment instead.

Unusual Demand: Streamer Faces Ultimatum Over Filming

While streaming from a restaurant in Laos, justketh was approached by a man who claimed she had captured him on camera and insisted on compensation.

"You can settle our bill, or provide your name and address for legal action," he asserted. "Live streaming is prohibited; capturing random videos or photos is permissible."

Perplexed, justketh refuted the allegations, arguing that she was in a public setting where filming should be allowed. However, the man contended that German laws should apply even in Laos.

"This is international. Your stream is not confined to Laos; it's broadcast worldwide!" he argued.

"How can German law be enforced in Laos?" justketh questioned. "You're not even a resident here."

The debate ensued for several minutes, with neither party yielding. Eventually, the man insisted that if justketh was well-versed in the law, she should have no qualms disclosing her identity.

"I can provide my channel name if necessary. However, I'm not obligated to reveal personal details. You can find me on my channel," she asserted.

Fortunately, the altercation concluded without further escalation. As of now, it remains unclear whether the man pursued legal action or if the threat dissipated.