Kanye West's Feud with Kai Cenat Over YZY Clothing Line on Twitch

Kanye West's Feud with Kai Cenat Over YZY Clothing Line on Twitch

Following an unexpected turn of events, Kanye West found himself embroiled in a heated altercation with Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, stemming from an incident involving the rapper's newly launched YZY clothing line.

On March 15, 2024, during a live Twitch stream, Cenat inadvertently triggered West's ire when he received a pair of sweatpants from the YZY collection that were notably oversized. In a bid to engage his audience and illustrate the discrepancy in size, Cenat showcased the garment, ultimately dropping it to the floor.

However, what was meant to be light-hearted entertainment quickly escalated into a feud as West took offense to the display and proceeded to confront Cenat via Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), publicly sharing their exchange.

Kanye West Initiates Public Spat via Instagram DMs

As Cenat continued his Twitch stream, viewers alerted him to West's messages, which accused him of disrespecting the YZY line and insinuated bias against West's work compared to Adidas products. In a state of confusion, Cenat aired his astonishment on the stream.

The DM from West read: "Don't make no jokes about my clothes. When you ain’t saying nothing about what Adidas is doing. When Vultures song came out you ain’t play my verse. You controlled. Don’t play with me."

During the broadcast, Cenat engaged in a back-and-forth with West, asserting that no disrespect was intended and emphasizing his immediate request for a replacement. However, West persisted, accusing Cenat of being a pawn and deliberately undermining his brand.

These exchanges were subsequently shared on Cenat's Instagram story, offering viewers a real-time glimpse into the escalating feud.

Intervention by Kanye West’s Manager on Twitch Stream

Despite the public spectacle, efforts were made to defuse the situation when Kanye West's manager, John Monopoly, intervened by calling Cenat live on his Twitch stream.

Expressing a desire for reconciliation, Monopoly attempted to provide clarity on behalf of West, leading to a resolution characterized by mutual understanding.

In concluding the call, Cenat extended a message of reconciliation, expressing his belief that the conflict stemmed from a misunderstanding.

Subsequently, the Twitch stream concluded, with both parties opting not to further address the incident publicly.