HAchubby receives outdated calendar from Twitch as farewell gift

HAchubby receives outdated calendar from Twitch as farewell gift

HAchubby, the renowned Twitch streamer, found herself at a loss for words upon receiving a peculiar gift following the closure of Twitch Korea.

On February 27, Twitch Korea ceased operations, citing "prohibitively expensive" costs as the primary reason for its shutdown under the Amazon-owned umbrella.

While the closure sparked discontent among Korean streamers, some even resorted to airing adult content in protest, the Korean government expressed its dissatisfaction by imposing a hefty fine of over $300,000 on Twitch.

Despite the controversy surrounding the closure, Twitch seemingly intended to bid farewell to some of its most beloved Korean creators with a parting gesture. However, HAchubby's reaction upon unwrapping the gift was nothing short of astonishment.

HAchubby Receives Outdated Calendar from Twitch as Farewell Gift

During a broadcast in March, HAchubby eagerly examined the calendar sent by Twitch, only to discover that it was from the year 2022.

"Seriously? 2022?" she exclaimed in disbelief. "Guys, they sent me a 2022 calendar! What on earth?"

Despite the unexpected nature of the gift, HAchubby attempted to maintain a positive demeanor and chuckled at the absurdity of the situation.

"A 2022 calendar for Twitch Korea shutting down!" she declared, pulling a comical face.

Reddit users shared in HAchubby's bewilderment, expressing their incredulity at the peculiar choice of gift, particularly considering that a quarter of the year had already passed.

"At first, I wondered why someone would give a calendar in March, but this is beyond absurd," one user remarked.

Some speculated that Twitch deliberately opted for an unconventional gift to generate engaging content, suggesting that a standard calendar would not have garnered as much attention.

"Seems like they were just clearing out the office and decided to gift us some entertainment. If it had been a regular calendar, it wouldn't have made such a memorable clip," another user added.

While Twitch's motives remain uncertain, this peculiar exchange undoubtedly stood out amidst the overwhelmingly negative response to the closure of Twitch Korea.