Twitch Streamer Stunned by Cheap McDonald's Prices in China

Twitch Streamer Stunned by Cheap McDonald's Prices in China

A streamer on Twitch expressed amazement after discovering the remarkably low prices of McDonald's offerings in China compared to the United States, triggering a widespread conversation online.

Amidst a current boycott of McDonald's, as fast food enthusiasts turn to alternative options like Taco Bell and even Chili's in protest of the escalating prices at the Golden Arches, the frustration among customers grows. In some areas, a Big Mac combo is being sold for a staggering $18, leaving patrons discontented despite the CEO's assurances of prioritizing affordability in the upcoming year.

However, it has come to light that McDonald's is offering meals at significantly lower prices in other countries, a revelation that left one Twitch streamer astonished during a recent live broadcast.

Twitch streamer surprised by unbelievably affordable meal at Chinese McDonald's

Korean Twitch streamer 'May5w' was broadcasting IRL in China with a group of friends when they stumbled upon a McDonald's advertisement that left them in awe.

The poster advertised an incredible deal: a bucket of chicken, four burgers, four drinks, fries, and pies, all for just ten dollars.

“Look at this! Oh my god!” May’s friend exclaimed. “This is only ten dollars! You get a bucket of chicken, four drinks, four burgers, fries, and pies? That’s crazy cheap!”

A clip from May's stream went viral, sparking a debate about the rising cost of fast food in America compared to the more budget-friendly prices observed overseas.

“Just got a large fry yesterday in America and it cost like $4.50. We get ripped off here tbh,” one commenter wrote.

“American here, and I will say there were times I craved McD’s and the new prices have made me change my mind,” another wrote. “There’s one good positive for inflation.”

Some argue that McDonald's prices are significantly lower in China as the chain tries to mirror the popularity of KFC, one of the leading fast-food chains in the country.

“The reason is because KFC is the best-selling fast food chain in China, and they want to emulate KFC to boost sales,” a viewer suggested.

Regardless of the reasoning, it's evident that customers in America are growing frustrated with McDonald's soaring prices, prompting them to share strategies for recreating the chain's delectable treats at home to save money.